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Valor Cat First Scratch Short Film by Ben Reicher

CGI 3D Animated Short Film Valor Cat First Scratch Short Film by Ben Reicher. Featured on http://www.cgmeetup.net/home/valor-ca…

Our hero, Valor Cat, must face his greatest adversaries and push his limits. The act of being a vigilante will test Valor Cat’s moral fibers. In order to save earth he must discover new powers he didn’t know he had.

This is the prequel to the musical, but there is no singing this time. Only the powerful orchestral score of Jesse Richardson.

Film by Ben Zell Reicher http://www.reicher.com/
Music by Jesse Richardson

Valor Cat/Burmac/Bleep Blop – Ben Zell Reicher
John Sci – Brian Smee
Officer 1 – Jude Erica Estrada
Officer 2 – Jess Iglehart

Special Thanks:- Jude Erica Estrada, Ryan Nelson, Robert Domingo, T. Dan Hofstead, Paul Vester, Todd Constantine, Nicole Panter, Jack Bird, Jose Arean, Lauren Duval Adassovsky, Cameron Hicks, Victoria Van Patten, Alex Santa Cruz, Quinne Larson, Wylder Tomlinson

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